Solar Battery / 2Volt Cells

Solar Photovoltaic Application cells are assembled in PPCP containers with plate holding cradles and assembled with tubular positives and lattice grid pasted negatives made with special lead alloy for minimized gas generation during services. The cells are provided with micro porous ceramic vent plugs which allow the liberated gases to escape allowing the water droplets to trap within cells this reduces the topping up frequency. The level indicators provided on cells indicators provided on cells indicate the requirement of topping up during service. The frequency to topping up is once every year. This is elevated further with proper system charges controller voltage settings.


  • Low electricity bills
  • Low contribution to pollution.
  • Unlimited supply of solar batteries
  • Free source of power
  • Portable energy


  • Solar Street Light.
  • Domestic Home Lighting.
  • Windmill Power Generating System
  • Power Plants