Solar Traffic Signal

We offer our clients with solar blinkers that are the LED based Solar Blinker Unit. They have blinking cycle of Blinking mode 1 sec & Off mode for 1 sec. They are generally used as a symbol of some warning. This blinkers are available in Amber, Red color. Green Blinking signal is rarely used. This Solar Road Safety Warning Blinker uses solar energy to operate the signal. So there is no need of Electricity supply. The whole assembly includes Solar Panel, Frame for Solar Panel, Traffic Signal Blinker, Wire Harness, Charge Controller, Battery, Battery Box, Signal Pole etc. Once you have establish Solar Traffic warning Blinker it lasts for many year.


  • Polycarbonate Die molded Body conforming to international standard
  • Size : 300mm DIA Signal Aspect ,
  • 200mm DIA Signal Aspect
  • 20 to 90 flashes per minutes as desired
  • Sealed Maintenance Free Battery
  • Inbuilt Control Card & solid state Blinker
  • Solar Charge Regulator @ 90% charge efficiency
  • 12 or 24 hours Operation
  • Automatic On/Off Dusk to Dawn Operation
  • 2 to 4 days System Autonomy
  • Working Voltage: 12, 24 Volts D.C
  • 200mm / 300 mm Round Light Source
  • Cluster of High Intensity Ultra Bright LEDs
  • Red, Green, Amber LED Colors
  • Visibility 500 meters, Good even during Hazy Weather
  • Single / Double / Triple Aspect Model.
  • Fine control over operation of system, panel, blinking, battery etc.